Strategy First creates a Jagged Union

Canadian publisher teams up with 1C Company to release Brigade E5: New Jagged Union in North America.


Brigade E5: New Jagged Union

Strategy First announced that it has teamed up with Russian developer 1C Company to bring the tactical strategy game Brigade E5: New Jagged Union across the Atlantic. While Strategy First did not announce any specific North American release date for the PC game, the press release did request readers to "set your sights on Global Domination before 2006!" making a Q4 release likely.

Brigade E5 is a tactical strategy game in the vein of the Jagged Alliance series, which was created by now-closed Canadian developer Sirtech. In fact, the entire storyline of the game has been written by Jagged Alliance designer Shaun Lyng. For more on New Jagged Union, see GameSpot's recent preview.

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