Strategy First announces Nexagon: The Pit

The Canadian publisher adds a new 3D real-time tactical game to its 2001 lineup.


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Montreal-based Strategy First has announced that it is currently developing Nexagon: The Pit, and it plans to publish the game later this year. The 3D real-time tactical game takes place in a futuristic world populated by humans and aliens living in peace. All criminals have been placed in off-world prisons known as PODS. In a surprise decision, parliament decides to let the prisoners fight for freedom.

The game will feature a completely interactive destructible 3D environment. Players can smash and break objects, including walls, turrets, elevators, and statues. Interaction with the environment will be a critical strategic element. A persistent base of operations can be upgraded and customized using the in-game editor. In addition, persistent units can gain experience between battles, and permanent upgrades can improve their effectiveness. A league system keeps track of players' progress through three different divisions, and the league system is also used in the online multiplayer mode.

Nexagon: The Pit is scheduled for release in Q3 2001.

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