Stranger Things Writers Describe Season 5 In A Very Weird Way

Well then.


One of Netflix's most popular TV shows, Stranger Things, is returning for a fifth and final season. Not much is known about the story and plot, at least not officially, and the writers have now released a statement about Season 5 that describes the upcoming season in a way few could have predicted.

The Stranger Writers account, an official social media page relaying the thoughts of the show's writers, recently said Season 5 should be thought of as if Season 1 and Season 4 had a baby. But the writers didn't stop there. They said, "And then that baby was injected with steroids."

Co-creator Matt Duffer previously told Collider that Season 5 will place a good amount of focus on the character Will Byers, who is played by Noah Schnapp. "We're starting to see his coming of age, really. Which has been challenging for a number of reasons, some of which are supernatural. But you're starting to see him come into his own," Matt Duffer said.

Ross Duffer, meanwhile, said the story of Season 5 will set up the series to come "full circle" back to Season 1, whatever that might mean.

"I think you'll see that with a couple of the character arcs, not just with Will. But also with Steve and Nancy, and her relationship with Jonathan where things are not fully resolved," Ross Duffer said. "The characters have maybe made steps, like in the case of Will, but that journey isn't over yet. All of that is going to play a huge role as we try to wrap this thing up next season."

Stranger Things Season 5 will begin shooting in May or June this year, but Netflix has not yet announced a release date for the final season. Fans might eventually get more Stranger Things, as Netflix is said to be considering spin-offs.

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