Stranger Things Star Says Season 2 Might Make You "Pissed Off"

"We feel an obligation to the people. I'm terrified in that way."


Stranger Things Season 2 is going to "take a lot of risks" and you might not like everything the season has to offer, according to star David Harbour.

Speaking to Deadline, Harbour, who plays Police Chief Hopper, said Stranger Things is like ice cream. Season 1 was vanilla and Season 2 will be strawberry--and not everyone likes strawberry.

"It's like, you created vanilla ice cream in the first season, and it's so tasty, so delicious, but in the second season you can't redo vanilla," Harbour explained. "You have to create strawberry. Some people are going to like strawberry and some people are going to like vanilla better. But you can't try to recreate vanilla.

"We're going to take a lot of risks. I think people are going to be pissed off by things. I think they are going to be elated and excited about things. It's all further in terms of going on this journey."

Also in the interview, Harbour reflected on Season 1, saying those involved in the production didn't know exactly the reach or impact the show would have. Now that it has become a cultural phenomenon, Harbour said he feels more pressure to deliver with Season 2.

"We feel an obligation to the people. I'm terrified in that way," he said. "I'm more afraid this season than I was last. I was very afraid last season, but I'm more afraid this season because we're very aware we do not want a sophomore slump. Each scene I'm thinking a lot more specifically, and I'm thinking a lot harder. We feel the ownership of this great thing and the camaraderie, and also we feel this pressure."

The full interview also touches on the evolution of Hopper from Season 1 to Season 2. Read it here.

Stranger Things Season 2 premieres on Netflix this Halloween. You can see the first trailer above.

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