Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser: Hopper Is Alive And Cold In Russia

The most and least informative teaser to date.


At the end of Stranger Things Season 3, the audience is led to believe that Hopper died in a fire, and then there is a glimmer of hope in a post-credit sequence that he may actually be alive. A new teaser for Season 4 of the hit Netflix series puts all the theories and questions to rest, for now.

In a 50-second video, which you can see below, Hopper is revealed to be alive and far away from his hometown of Hawkins. What else does this teaser reveal? Not much, sadly.

Considering the title of the video is "From Russia with love," the military surrounding this camp, and even the birch trees, it's safe to say Hopper is in Russia--living his new life as a guy who hammers railroad spikes into the ground. That's pretty far from his normal stomping grounds of Hawkins.

Co-creators of Stranger Things--Matt and Ross Duffer--made a statement about where Season 4 stands: "We're excited to officially confirm that production on Stranger Things 4 is now underway--and even more excited to announce the return of Hopper! Although it's not all good news for our 'American'; he is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human... and other. Meanwhile, back in the states, a new horror is beginning to surface, something long buried, something that connects everything..."

Back in December, the Stranger Things writers revealed that the new season will arrive this year via a cryptic tweet, proclaiming that "we're not in Hawkins anymore." With production finally underway, there is a good chance Season 4 of Stranger Things will arrive in November or December on Netflix.

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