Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date Revealed With Teaser And Poster

Ready to head back to the Upside Down?


After over a year, it's finally time to start getting ready for the next trip to the Upside Down. To celebrate the new year, Netflix released the first teaser trailer for Stranger Things 3 at midnight on December 31. While the quick clip didn't contain any new footage--it did include some vintage Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve imagery--it revealed when the hit series would return.

The third season of Stranger Things will premiere on Netflix on July 4, because what better way is there to celebrate America's independence than with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) using her mental powers to throw cars around and fight demodogs? Along with the teaser, Netflix also released the first poster which gives a hint at the theme for the new season.

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In the poster, the show's stars are watching 4th of July fireworks explode in 1985, leading us to believe that the series won't just be released over Independence Day, but also be set around it. The tagline reads, "One summer can change everything," which sounds like a totally cliche '80s movie line--something that is very appropriate for the series. It would be hard enough for the show's youngest characters to enter their teenage years just as normal kids. It's an entirely different situation for them, though, given the awful hellscape of a dimension they just can't seem to get away from.

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In the image, only Eleven and Will (Noah Schnapp) are looking back as the Upside Down makes its way into their world. Mike (Finn Wolfhard), on the other hand, is looking at Eleven with concern, while their friends are too mesmerized by the fireworks to realize anything is wrong.

The new teaser and poster still manage to keep most of what Season 3 will be about under wraps. Thus far, Netflix has been revealing tiny pieces of information about Stranger Things 3--like the list of episode titles--while managing to leave us knowing very little. However, there are some things we've learned, like the arrival of some new faces that include Cary Elwes and Jake Busey, or that the new shopping mall in town will play a major role.

If you're dying to find out all of the details about Stranger Things 3, make sure to take a look at everything we've learned so far. Otherwise, you've got seven months to get ready for the show's return on Netflix on July 4.

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