Stranger Things Season 3 Details Might Mean A Longer Wait Until Its Netflix Premiere

Friends don't lie. They do wait a long time for more Stranger Things, though.


There's still a long way to go before fans will get to see the third season of Stranger Things, but details about the next installment of the popular Netflix series are beginning to arrive. In addition to the little bits of plot information that have trickled out in the months since Stranger Things 2 premiered, now some of the logistics of the next set of episodes have been revealed.

The third season will consist of eight episodes, GameSpot sister site CNET confirms. That's one less than Season 2, which settled on nine episodes--including The Lost Sister, one of the most divisive of the series as a while. However, it matches the episode count of the first season.

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Additionally, CNET has confirmed that production on the new season kicks off in mid-April. While on the surface that might not mean much, it does point to a much longer wait for new episodes than fans would like. The first season started filming in November 2016, before premiering in July 2016. Season 2, meanwhile, started production in November 2016 for an October 2017 premiere.

Given the amount of time it takes not only to film the series but add visual effects and all of the show's other post-production needs, it seems very unlikely that it will premiere in 2018. While Netflix has not announced a projected return date for the series, chances are most weren't expecting to go all of 2018 without new episodes.

Still, even star David Harbour tried to warn that the long wait was coming. Back in December, he told Variety, "You probably won't get [Season 3] until sometime in 2019."

Still, with one less episode to film, perhaps the Duffer brothers, who co-created the series, will be able to deliver it before the end of the year. Could there be a better holiday present than a new season of Stranger Things?

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