Stranger Things Season 2 Episode Titles Revealed In New Teaser

Trick or Treat Freak?


The much-anticipated second season of Stranger Things hits Netflix on October 27, and a new teaser has been released. As well as offering creepy music and visuals, it seems to reveal some of the episodes--or chapter--titles in the new season.

The chapter titles are "Mad Max," "Trick or Treat Freak," "The Pollywog," "Will the Wise," "Dig Dug," and "The Spy." However, as the teaser reveals, the titles of chapters 8, 9, and 10 are remaining a secret for now. Check it out below:

The second season is officially going under the title Stranger Things 2. Last month, creators Matt and Ross Duffer explained that there was initially some resistance from Netflix about this. "When we started describing it as a sequel, Netflix was like, 'Don't do that, because sequels are known to be bad,'" said Matt. "I was like, 'Yes, but what about T2 and Aliens and Toy Story 2 and Godfather II?'"

The Duffers also stated that the show's new creature would be named the "shadow monster." Ross said: "It's all connected to this singular threat, which is tied into this shape that Will sees in the sky. Each episode is building on the last one. It gets much crazier than it ever got in Season 1."

Last month, it was confirmed that Stranger Things will return for Season 3. Initially the Duffers stated that Season 4 would be the final one; however, last week director Shawn Levy suggested that there could be a fifth season. "Hearts were heard breaking in Netflix headquarters when the brothers made four seasons sound like an official end, and I was suddenly getting phone calls from our actors' agents," he told Slashfilm. "The truth is we're definitely going four seasons and there's very much the possibility of a fifth. Beyond that, it becomes I think very unlikely."

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