Stranger Things Reimagined as an 8-Bit Game Is Pretty Much Perfect [SPOILERS]

8-bit Cinema meets Stranger Things.


This story contains lots of Stranger Things Season 1 spoilers.

Netflix's newest hit, Stranger Things, is set in the early 1980s. The show contains some references to gaming and was also influenced by gaming. But what if the show itself was an 8-bit game from the '80s?

The fine folks at 8-bit Cinema have given us an idea of Stranger Things could look like as a NES-inspired game--and it looks pretty cool. Beginning with an excellent midi take on the eerie title theme, the video then sees the player selecting Will as a character. Things go badly, of course, as Will is taken to the Upside Down, while his friends then go on a journey to rescue him.

All of the major plot points from Season 1 are covered in the video. The gameplay would involve collecting items (waffles and a dress for Eleven) and making use of Eleven's powers to escape from the evil Dr. Brenner. In the final showdown, Eleven defeats the monster, but it's a bittersweet moment.

"Eleven saved the party," reads a line of text. "But was lost......." Stranger Things Season 1 ended by teasing the possibility that Eleven was still alive.

This video was directed by David Dutton, featuring music from Henry Dutton.

You can watch 8-bit Cinema's numerous other videos of TV shows and movies presented as 8-bit games here on the Cinefix YouTube channel.

Stranger Things Season 1 was praised by critics and ratings were apparently very strong. The show is bleeding into pop culture and the stars will even get to meet President Obama this week.

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer previously described Season 2 as being "darker and weirder." Season 2 may be polarizing, they said, acknowledging some people may enjoy Season 1 better.

The new season is slated to debut in 2017, though a specific premiere date has not yet been announced.

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