Stranger Things Is Getting The Halloween Horror Nights Treatment At Universal Studios

A little bit of the Upside Down for everybody!


While there are still many months before Halloween rolls around, it's never too early to get excited about it, right? Universal Studios has announced the first maze in the works for 2018's Halloween Horror Nights celebration, and it's a big one.

For the first time ever, Stranger Things will get its own haunted maze at the annual haunt. The Netflix series will have mazes at three Universal Studios parks--Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore--that will take guests to locations from the series like the Hawkins National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Byers home, and, of course, the Upside Down.

A press release says visitors will experience an "oozing a shower of floating orb-like spores" in the Upside Down, which sounds wonderful and gross all at the same time. Naturally, the Demogorgon will also play a role in the maze, as it stalks fans during their journey.

To bring Stranger Things to life, the Horror Nights team is collaborating with creators the Duffer brothers, as well as producer Shaun Levy and Netflix. Given the impressive treatment the attraction has given to properties like Ash vs. Evil Dead, Saw, The Shining, and The Purge in recent years, this particular maze should be a sight to see.

Halloween Horror Nights will kick off in Hollywood and Orlando on September 14, with Singapore's event launching on September 28. If you've somehow missed Stranger Things thus far, you have plenty of time to catch up before visiting the Upside Down yourself.

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