Stranger Things Game Reveals This Never-Before-Seen Clip From Season 2

Beat the game to see it, or just scroll down.


The new retro-inspired Stranger Things mobile game for iOS and Android ends with a never-before-scene from the upcoming second season. People on Reddit discovered that beating the game rewards you with a clip that appears to be from the Season 2 premiere. We see the kids--minus Eleven--are trick-or-treating, dressed as Exterminators, erhhm, Ghostbusters. They also joke about Three Musketeers candy bar, everyone hating on it except for Dustin, who places it in his top three favourites.

The video also shows the kids getting spooked by a new character dressed in a Michael Myers mask. You can watch the clips in the video embedded above.

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The pixelated, retro-inspired side scroller puts you in the shoes of Hopper and the Stranger Things kids. You travel around Hawkins, Indiana and other locations from the show, dodging and battling enemies and solving puzzles to advance. Developer BonusXP says each character has their own unique abilities. For example, Lucas can nail anything with his Wrist Rocket and Nancy has an entire collection of bats to swing.

In addition to exploring and solving mysteries, you're also tasked with collecting Eggos and Gnomes. While Stranger Things: The Game is completely free (with no microtransactions), collecting these items will unlock more of the game. You can also speed run levels to try to beat other players' times on leaderboards and on social media.

As for the TV show, Stranger Things Season 2 premieres October 27 on Netflix. A third season has already been confirmed.

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