Stranger Things 2 Video Explains What Happened To Eleven After Season 1 Finale

Eleven's powers are as strong as ever in the new clip.


If you thought the final trailer would be your last look at Stranger Things 2 before its release, you were incorrect. A clip from the new season has debuted, after first being revealed at London Comic Con, which focuses on what happened to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in the aftermath of Season 1.

When the first year of Stranger Things came to an end, the status of Eleven was left up in the air. After using her psychokinetic powers to defeat the Demogorgon, she simply disappeared. While Hopper (David Harbour) was seen leaving Eggo waffles in an outdoor lockbox, presumably for her, the character was not seen again.

In the new clip though, it's confirmed that she has been in the Upside Down, looking for a way out. When she finally finds a portal back to her world, Eleven uses those same powers to make the gateway big enough for her to fit through. She then breaks through the slimy barrier between the two worlds, finding herself back in Hawkins Middle School--the location of the battle that ended the first season.

As fans have seen in the trailers though, she won't be the only entity from the Upside Down invading the world. After being rescued from the dimension in Season 1, Will (Noah Schnapp) is shown as haunted by visions of a shadow monster from the Upside Down, which is making its way into his reality. Those visions only grow stronger as the kids and adults of Hawkins are once again forced to defend the world from supernatural forces.

Luckily, with Eleven back in the picture, they've got a secret weapon to help fight anything that comes their way.

Stranger Things 2 premieres on Netflix on October 27.

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