Strange Adventures Writer Wants The Comic To Be On Par With FX's TV Shows

The team behind DC Comics' Black Label book Strange Adventures is elevating comic book storytelling.


The team of Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Doc Shaner have a new series from DC Comics' Black Label and putting their own spin on the sci-fi character Adam Strange in Strange Adventures. The new series is available now at local comic shops and on digital markets.

Writer King, joined by artists Gerads and Shaner, all continue to elevate the level of storytelling within their books. Strange Adventures is more than a typical superhero or sci-fi comic book. "This is like your favorite FX show, your favorite HBO show," King told GameSpot at C2E2. "This is a show that at the end you're like, 'Holy crap, I can't believe that happened. That's some dark-a** s***.'

"I like humor in comics. There's laughs in it, but [Strange Adventures] is... It's True Detective. It's Mindhunter. These are guys seeking out the dark corners of the minds and myths and doing something dark and cool. You know that feeling when you first read Watchman, and you lifted up the book and almost the whole world looked a little different? It's almost like someone were playing like a minor key symphony around you or something. Or like the first time you saw Aliens or Alien, that kind of feeling? That's what I'm going for."

Strange Adventures #1
Strange Adventures #1
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That feeling of freshness mixed with an overall haunting story is what King and Gerads are known best for in their previous works like Sheriff of Babylon and Mister Miracle. The team is breathing new life into many of these classic DC characters, even if they weren't fans of them originally. "I'm really excited for Mr. Terrific to be some people's new favorite character, because he was not one of mine," Gerads explained. "Tom pitched it to me, and [Mr. Terrific] had this stupid jacket, and the T on his face, and the worst name. And I think that once I finally delved into the character and then, especially the way Tom writes him, he's awesome. He's, no joke, one of my new favorite characters."

For those who may not be familiar, Mr. Terrific is a DC character who wears a jacket with the word "fairplay" written down its sleeve and has a T on his face--but also happens to be one of DC's most underrated detectives. Along with being a super sleuth, Mr. Terrific controls tiny machines called "T-Spheres." Strange Adventures will team him up with Adam Strange who, while being slightly less obscure, is no less absurd sounding on paper. With any luck, King, Shaner, and Gerads will make the odd couple one of DC's new dynamic duos.

Issue #1 of Strange Adventures is now available.

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