Story Details For Fairy Tail Sequel Finally Revealed; Manga Debuts Soon

Fairy Tail will be back much sooner than you think.


Fairy Tail may have concluded in 2017, but the manga already has a sequel scheduled. A scan that allegedly comes from the next issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine, posted in the Fairy Tail subreddit courtesy of Reddit user AstonishingSpiderMan, discusses the upcoming sequel's story and states the new series will release on July 25.

Fairy Tail has had a long run, originally debuting in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2006 and continuing until the series' conclusion over a decade later. The manga is adapted into a popular anime. Fairy Tail's story follows the adventures of an aspiring wizard named Lucy Heartfilia, whose chance meeting with the dragon slayer wizard Natsu Dragneel and flying talking cat Happy lead her to joining the rambunctious Fairy Tail guild. The trio eventually team up with Gray Fullbuster, an ice wizard; Erza Scarlet, an armor and weapons wizard; Wendy Marvell, another dragon slayer; and Carla, another flying cat. The team travel the fictional setting of Earth-land, completing quests and missions that bring them ever closer to confronting an immortal dark wizard named Zeref and an evil dragon named Acnologia.

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AstonishingSpiderMan provided a translation of the new manga's plot, and it sounds like Fairy Tail's sequel will pick up right where the original manga left off. Although the efforts of the Fairy Tail guild and the other dragon slayers ultimately brought an end to both Zaref and Acnologia, Lucy's team is as restless as ever and ready for adventure. The five wizards and two felines embark on the century-old guild mission that was previously mentioned in the final panels of the original Fairy Tail manga. Pictures of Zaref, Lucy, and Natsu accompany the plot description.

Fairy Tail's sequel will be overseen by Hiro Mashima, the creator behind the original Fairy Tail. Mashima is also working on his new series Edens Zero, and remains attached to Fairy Tail's two spin-off series, Happy's Grand Adventure and City Hero. There has been no mention of whether Fairy Tail's sequel will be getting an anime adaptation as well, nor whether a character from Fairy Tail will be joining the shonen-themed brawler Jump Force.

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