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Stop Running Out Of Storage On PS4, Xbox One, Or Switch With Amazon's Deal Of The Day

SanDisk microSD cards and Western Digital portable hard drives are on sale for stellar prices today only at Amazon.


Whether you're gaming on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or PC, you can never really have too much storage space. In fact, given file sizes of modern AAA games (and massive updates), you may be one of the many who often find themselves needing to delete games to make room for new ones. Amazon's Deal of the Day is aimed at this problem by offering nice discounts on external hard drives and microSD cards from SanDisk and Western Digital. There are also some flash drives on sale, and it's always useful to have a portable storage device handy. Check out the best deals below, which are only available until 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET tonight.

SanDisk Ultra 400GB MicroSDXC | $48 ($63)

SanDisk 400GB microSD
SanDisk 400GB microSD

Admittedly, Nintendo Switch games tend to take up much less space than PS4 and Xbox One titles. However, the Switch's onboard storage still runs out rather quickly, which means a microSD card is a must. To ensure you never run out of space, this 400GB SanDisk Ultra card will do the trick. It's on sale for $48, which is a solid deal for a high-capacity microSD. If you don't think you'll ever need that much storage space for your Switch, the 256GB model is discounted to $32.

WD 5TB P10 Game Drive | $100 ($150)

WD P10 5TB Game Drive
WD P10 5TB Game Drive

Again, while you may never actually need a 5TB portable hard drive, it's not terribly challenging to fill up a 1TB or 2TB drive with Xbox One or PS4 games. Have you seen the size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare updates? This highly rated Western Digital 5TB drive is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac, and it's on sale for $50 off.

SanDisk 256GB Ultra Fit USB Flash Drive | $27.59 ($33.21)

SanDisk Ultra Fit 256GB Flash Drive
SanDisk Ultra Fit 256GB Flash Drive

SanDisk's Ultra Fit flash drives remove the bulk to keep a low profile. I've had the 256GB model in my laptop for more than a year, and I often forget it's there. If you need a USB drive that you plan on frequently using, I'd highly recommend it.

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