Stop Killing Those Crows in Overwatch's Halloween Update

Or at least, don't expect anything to happen if you keep shooting them.


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Players have been slaying countless virtual crows in Overwatch's new Brawl mode in the hopes of finding some sort of Easter egg. But there's not actually anything to be found--at least not with the crows--so just leave them alone, will ya?

Blizzard confirmed this with Polygon. "This appears to be a false Easter egg," a spokesperson said. "The Overwatch team did not include any Easter egg within Junkenstein's Revenge involving the crows."

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That qualification--"involving the crows"--suggests there are Easter eggs hiding in this update. You just don't need to keep shooting the poor birds in the limited-time Junkenstein co-op mode to find them.

There's seemingly no reason for why people began shooting crows beyond a general assumption that maybe it would do something. Players have recounted their efforts to kill all the crows in the new PvE Brawl mode on Reddit, with some claiming it does cause something to happen. However, no real evidence was ever presented to back that up.

Shooting birds might seem like a particularly random thing to do, but an extremely convoluted augmented reality game has been going on for quite some time now, and people are willing to try anything. The ARG is thought to be tied into the reveal of a new hacker-themed character name Sombra, though Blizzard has still not made any official announcements regarding that.

Overwatch's new Halloween-themed update brought with it the aforementioned co-op Brawl and new cosmetic items, including some fantastic skins. The event runs from now through the end of October.

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Don't listen to them, they're clearly trying to misdirect us!

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this article made this scene pop up in my head

Hyde: You fed us a crow? You’re not supposed to eat a crow, man! You just brought some bad juju on us all! We ate somebody’s soul, man!

Fez: Aye, no. I have eaten someone’s delicious soul.

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Crows are for loving, not fighting. Right Ornifex? Dat crow booty.

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If you keep killing crows, Mr Jones says its going to be a long December.

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@snugglebear: You mean counting them?