'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's Most Entertaining WWE Moment Is Not What You Think It Is

What happens when two WWE legends want to duet in the ring?


Today is March 16th, also known as 3/16, so give us a hell yeah andg et ready to knock back a Steveweiser as we ask an important question: What is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's most entertaining WWE moment?

Austin's antics were staples of the famed Attitude Era, making him a household name and wrestling icon, but "Stone Cold" wasn't just a mean-mugging SOB in the ring, he could also be a very entertaining individual and one of the WWE's brightest shining superstars of all time.. He could be funny, he could be dramatic, he could be personal and make you feel like he was talking to you through the TV.

One of the core elements of the "Stone Cold" character were the promos Austin delivered throughout his time as the character. Beginning in ECW, his skills began to develop. At the peak of his WWE run, though he was untouchable. We took a look at entertaining moments that defined both Austin and the Attitude Era, from the beer bash to Austin vs. Booker T in a grocery store. Still there's one moment that stands above all the others.

The sing along with The Rock.

WWE's Kings of the Sing a Long
WWE's Kings of the Sing a Long

Leading into Survivor Series of that year, Rock was WCW Champion, "Stone Cold" was WWE Champion and it was coming down to Team WWE vs Team Alliance, one last time. Before we get there though, the two biggest names of their generation have a few words together.

The Rock called out Austin and told him he didn't forget what happened at Wrestlemania that year (Austin teamed up with McMahon to screw the Rock out of the title) and the next night, when the Rock was jumped by Austin's new best friend Triple H. Rock kept berating him and when it was time for another one of Rock's catchphrases, Austin had had enough.

"You expect me to stand there while you're flapping your little gums?" Austin asked, becoming more agitated. "Saying you didn't forget this, you didn't forget that, I'm supposed to stand there and let you breathe all over me? I think what you were trying to say was 'finally, 'Stone Cold' is back-." Then The Rock cut him off by taking away his microphone.

Austin stood there--shocked, confused, and staring at a phantom microphone in his hand--with his longtime rival glaring at him. This went back and forth for another minute of grabbing the mic, and blocking the other from delivering their catchphrase to the audience, each time becoming more and more heated and mocking one another.

Rock would insult Austin and his breath, Austin would ask the Rock why does he do those things. "Does it make you feel special? Does it make you feel proud?"

For almost ten whole minutes, the two legends take shots then the unexpected happens: Austin opens up to the crowd that he feels hurt and it would be "easy to fight him"...so he talks about a certain little song that might ease the tensions.

He then begins to sing "Delta Dawn" by country star Tanya Tucker. It's a musical deep cut from the early 70s, which is followed by The Rock singing the chorus to "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers.

Then The Rock suggests something that they've never done: a duet.

"If you want to hear the Rock and Stone Cold sing a duet together, give me a hell yeah!"

The crowd unanimously screamed out an uproarious "Hell Yeah".

Austin picked the tune: Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville". When they got to the end of the chorus, Stone Cold changed it up with his own lyrics saying that "some people claim that there's a Rocky to blame" where Rock responded "it was all Stone Cold's fault".

Obviously somebody had to hit a finisher, and it was Rock that delivered a Rock Bottom to the WWE Champion stating that he will never forget what has happened between them. So why is this moment at the top? It's superb character work by Austin, whose gimmick at the time was going through some sort of nervous breakdown but still full of violent tendencies, and this was a great way to keep these two characters engaged without just randomly interfering in matches or 20-minute monologues that other stars did at the time. It built this tension, while all the while being entertaining and actually funny. Rock and Austin treated one another like storied rivals should, at arm's length ready to strike, but also willing to listen. Playing hot potato with the mic was a great moment, but the singing was unexpected and that Boston crowd was seriously into it.

No doubt Steve Austin gave wrestling fans some of the greatest and memorable moments not just of his generation but of all time, but this duet with the Rock is probably his greatest as a performer.

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