Stolen nabs a Web site

Stealth action game from Hip Games for the PS2, Xbox, and PC stars a slinky siren equipped with high-tech gizmos.



Hip Games today unlocked details about its upcoming stealth title Stolen and launched the game's Web site. The game will sneak onto the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC when it gets released this March. The Web site is currently under construction but features a game trailer and information about the title. Stolen stars Anya Romanov, a heisting heroine using all the latest spy gadgets, who must untangle a web of deception after a routine job goes awry. Gamers will engage in computer-hacking, safe-cracking, and lock-picking; use equipment such as sonic visors, tracking devices, and nullifiers; and deliver a variety of martial arts maneuvers to defeat enemies. The game is being developed by British developer Blue 52, who previously worked on Peter Pan: Legend of Neverland.

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