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'Stick of Truth' domains tied to THQ

Publisher linked to several URLs related to "Stick of Truth" and "Truth Stick."


THQ might be going through tough times from a business standpoint, but that's not keeping the company from pressing forward with something new, if recent domain name registrations are any indication.

Is THQ cooking up a Truth Stick game?
Is THQ cooking up a Truth Stick game?

As spotted by technology news site Fusible, several "Stick of Truth" domain names were recently registered with ties to THQ. The,, and registered privately. However, the domain records include server names "NS1.THQ.COM, NS2.THQ.COM, and NS3.THQ.COM," indicating THQ is behind them.

As of press time, THQ had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment on the matter.

Last month, THQ announced a new, "streamlined" business direction that saw the publisher exit the children's game publishing business. The company said it will now focus directly on its core properties, franchises like Saints Row, Warhammer, Darksiders, Company of Heroes, UFC, and inSane.

And last week, global stock market NASDAQ issued THQ a delisting notice, stating that if the company's per-share value does not hit at least $1 for 10 consecutive days before July 23, 2012, it will be subject to removal from the market.

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