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Steven Spielberg Is Fascinated By Aliens, Has No Plans For ET 2

"I think it is mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligence species in the cosmos."


Director Steven Spielberg is known for, among other things, movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., and War of the Worlds, and the man himself is a believer that aliens are out there.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert, Spielberg said the recent government disclosures about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are "fascinating" and he wants to know more.

"I think what has been coming out recently is fascinating, just absolutely fascinating. I think the secrecy that is shrouding all of these sightings, the lack of transparency until the Freedom of Information Act compels certain materials to be released publicly, I think there is something going on that simply needs extraordinary due diligence," he said. "I don't believe we are alone in the universe. I think it is mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligence species in the cosmos."

At the same time, Spielberg said it seems highly unlikely that aliens from "400 million lightyears" away would be able to visit Earth without the use of a wormhole. At any rate, Spielberg said he feels confident that, "There is something going on that is not being disclosed to us."

The US government has, in recent times, admitted that while there is no evidence so far of aliens, some UFOs cannot be explained. Barack Obama said that, upon becoming 44th President of the United States, he asked people in the know if the US had a secret lab holding alien specimens. But he was told there wasn't.

"The truth is, when I came into office, I asked, 'Is there a lab somewhere where we're keeping the alien specimens...?' They did a little bit of research and the answer was no," he said.

Also in the Colbert interview, Spielberg was asked about the possibility of aliens being friendly or hostile if they were to come to Earth. He's betting on the latter.

"I believe if any extra terrestrial civilization has journeyed all the way here, it's because of curiosity and science and it's not about aggression," Spielberg said.

Finally, Colbert said Spielberg ought to make a sequel to E.T., his landmark 1982 film about an alien that comes to Earth. Colbert said the movie would print money, but Spielberg countered with the possibility that no one would turn up to see it because the first film is so beloved. Pressed to say if he ever seriously considered making a sequel, Spielberg said, "No, never."

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