Stephen King Movie The Dark Tower Delayed Again

The movie is now scheduled to come out in August.


Stephen King has been in the news a lot lately. The first trailer for the new movie based on his killer clown franchise It was released earlier this week. Now, we've learned that the movie based on his Dark Tower series has been delayed yet again, but there is some good news as well.

First, the delay is only a week, according to Entertainment Weekly, which broke the story. The Sony movie is now scheduled to come out on August 4, with its original July 28 date now taken by another Sony film, The Emoji Movie.

Another detail is that a Sony representative told EW that it "will not move" the Dark Tower date again. The spokesperson said this latest shift was done to give The Emoji Movie, a film aimed at children,more time in theaters before school starts back up again. Additionally, the site reports that a trailer for The Dark Tower is coming very soon.

Footage from the movie was shown at the CinemaCon event in Las Vegas earlier this week.

The Dark Tower stars Idris Elba as gunslinger Roland Deschain, while Matthew McConaughey is playing demonic sorcerer Walter Padick, aka The Man in Black. The movie is directed by Nikolaj Arcel, who previously helmed the Oscar-nominated A Royal Affair.

It's been a long time coming for the movie, as it was originally planned to debut in February before being delayed. The movie may not be all that fans get, as Sony is also reportedly planning a Dark Tower TV show.

The Dark Tower encompasses eight novels, which King published between 1982 and 2012. The books blend classic western themes with horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

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Roland was white.. so you have to scrap all of Susanna Dean.... or Odeta Holmes ..or Detta Walker.. or what ever her name is lol.. Honkey Mah Fah's. I would assume if the Dark Tower at least makes a little money they will release the next movie and that movie will feature Eddie and Her. The 1st 4 books were amazing. Book 5 was really good. Book 6 really.. just wow.. not the way I would have went. And Book 7 was good.

I would also assume they are going to dumb it down a bit for a broader audience. Starting the movie after the books is perfectly fine.. if you read the books you would understand why. I am cautiously optimistic that this movie will be good. Some of my favorite books.

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@guitarist1980: What? You made me do some research about the movie and.... what? No Eddie or Susannah in the movie? WHAT? Eddie is the most interesting character in the books.

I can't watch this movie though because I've only read the first 4 books so far and I prefer learning the story through the books than get some elements spoiled by a movie that will probably not be mind blowing. Although it's apparently a very loose adaptation of the books so it might not matter. But I don't want to know yet what happens when Roland reaches the tower.

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They moved it for the Emoji Movie?

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Oh man this will be such a train wreck.

the delays basically confirm what i thought already.....they are looking at it and this suck...lets tweak it and hopefully make it suck less.....ok...lets tweak more....MOAR

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I wonder if these are going to be a continuation of the story, rather than a straight remake of the novels? A large part of the tale was life/time/ka as a wheel...

I did hear the TV series would be based around Wizard & Glass though.

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Still very torn about this movie. I don't think it's going to be anything like the novels but, I'm hoping it will still be a very good movie if you go in expecting it not to be anything like the novels or it's worlds. A trailer will give us a better hint as to what they are actually going for with this movie. Reading about what they hope to achieve in a movie is nothing compared to a good old trailer.

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@bdrtfm: I wouldn't expect it to be like the books being you can't tell the whole story in one movie. Most companies tend to deviate from the events and twist it to meet their needs, sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. I love Stephen King novels being he has a very livid imagination and is able to translate it to his novels.

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This is probably why they hired Idris Elba for the role. Keep the guy from claiming they ripped off his character for the movie as well. King and the studio have probably known about this lawsuit for some time.

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Kind of weird timing considering king is being sued for 500 million dollars. At first I considered it completely laughable but I checked out the source material (comics) he supposedly ripped off. Pretty close indeed. I personally feel he was just inspired by the source material. But it is close enough I think there is a chance he could lose the lawsuit.

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@doom299:I think the timing of the lawsuit is weird actually. I mean the first book came out what, 35 years ago? And they are just suing now? Nothing like a book to movie deal to bring out the sharks and lawyers.

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This movie doesn't look very good from what I have seen and heard so far anyway.

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If the movies do well, hopefully they will veer far away from the books starting with the fifth one.

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@lokar82: from what the leaked trailer looked like they have already veered very far from the series with this first film.