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Stephen A. Smith Knows Exactly Who Would Win In A Stuart Little Vs. Ratatouille Fight

The ultimate authority on fictional rodent fights has delivered his verdict for the fight of the century.


Since the dawn of time, humanity has long debated just who would come out on top in a clash of the rodent titans. Could Stuart Little and his skateboarding skills topple Remy in a fight when he's not piloting a rookie chef Jaeger? This is a battle for the ages and one that ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith has weighed in on, as the sports commentator and Pokemon starter expert reckons that Stuart Little's days would be numbered if he took on Remy outside of a kitchen.

"He's Stuart Little. He lived in the confines of a nice habit. Posh, affluent lifestyle. Comfort, meals, he's never had to worry about some cheese, he's fine," Smith said. "Ratatouille? He had it rough! He's a rough rider! Scratch and claw! He's like one of those rats in the New York subways!

As Smith reasoned, Remy would have a size and ferocity advantage on Stuart Little, as well as experience from a hard life on the streets. The math checks out, and if Disney could collaborate with Sony to create a crossover film, the end result could be a cinematic tussle for the ages. While you probably won't be seeing these two furry icons duke it out on the big screen in the future--or, ever--the next best thing is headed to theaters soon.

Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire teams the two kaiju behemoths up in a new adventure, and it'll be released on March 29.

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