Steph Curry Is A Playable Character In PGA Tour 2K23

Basketball star Steph Curry is a playable golfer in this year's PGA Tour entry.


Steph Curry is well-known around the world for his golfing prowess, and that's finally translated into the world of gaming. Oh, and he's pretty good at basketball too. Today, 2K announced that the Golden State Warriors star will be a playable character in PGA Tour 2K23, joining fellow celebrity guest Michael Jordan.

Jokes aside, Curry is actually quite a skilled golfer in real-life, famously hitting a 97-yard long-shot at a celebrity golf tournament earlier this summer. Then again, the famed basketball player finally notched his long-awaited NBA Finals MVP last season, so maybe he can fall back on golf once he's done with the Warriors.

Curry joins a lineup of professional golfers that includes Justin Thomas, Lexi Thompson, and--of course--Tiger Woods. There is a "Tiger Woods" edition of the game, after all, though his name isn't in the title anymore. There are also some cool pre-order bonuses worth checking out.

PGA Tour 2K23 releases on October 14, so you better sharpen up that swing if you hope to compete. This is the first entry in the series since 2020's PGA Tour 2K21, which our critic Steven Petite scored a 8/10, calling it "the most realistic and pure golf experience in a game to date." Let's hope this new game lives up to that standard.

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