Step Into Master Chief's Shoes With These New Halo Boots From Wolverine

Wolverine announces a Master Chief-inspired boot, but only 117 are being sold.


Microsoft has officially announced its partnership with boot company Wolverine, and as everyone guessed, the collaboration will see the 139-year-old American workwear company produce a limited-edition boot inspired by Master Chief.

In a press release, Wolverine said when it revealed its Hellcat boot in August 2020, people quickly pointed out how the shoe looked like something out of Halo. Wolverine and 343 worked together to create a real boot that fans can buy, but they are extremely limited and very pricy.

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Only 117 of these boots will be available for the public to buy. The $225 boots launch on Wolverine's website on March 29 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET.

As for the boots themselves, each pair has Master Chief's Spartan number, 117, printed on the exterior heel of the left boot. The UNSC insignia is fashioned on each boot, while the logo for Materials Group--the fictional company that makes Master Chief's armor--is printed on the boots as well. These are leather boots with Wolverine's "UltraSpring" technology that makes them feel light but also rugged.

Wolverine's Tom Kennedy said the company worked in collaboration with 343 for nearly a year on these Master Chief boots. "This collaboration is a true testament to the devotion both Wolverine and 343 Industries have to our fans, and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring a boot inspired by the Halo universe to life," Kennedy said.

Xbox consumer products boss John Friend said the partnership with Wolverine is fitting because the Halo series is rooted in military sci-fi themes. "We've often heard from our fans that there is an appetite for a boot inspired by the Master Chief. So, when Wolverine approached us about a collaboration, we were ready to answer the call," Friend said.

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