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Stellar Blade - How To Change Eve's Hairstyle

You don't want Eve to have a dull hairstyle in Stellar Blade.


Stellar Blade stars Eve, who, like her comrades from the Colony, is called an Angel. Still, there's one fella who's not that impressed. Help him out, and you can change our heroine's looks. Here's our guide on how to change Eve's hairstyle in Stellar Blade.

How to change Eve's hairstyle in Stellar Blade

To change Eve's hairstyle in Stellar Blade, you need to complete a quest called First Customer. Here's a quick summary:

  • The quest comes from Kasim, a resident of Xion. After you've finished chatting with Orcal in the Presence Chamber, you should see several quest markers on your map.
  • Kasim is in the salon, which is right along the main street that leads to the plaza. Talk to him, and he'll remark that Eve's hair is actually "dull," as though it's missing glamor or flair.
  • You're then given the First Customer quest, which tasks you with finding items for Kasim: Scissors, Dryer, and Straightener. These can be obtained in the Wasteland's Junkyard area.
Talk to Kasim to get insulted, and to receive a quest.
Talk to Kasim to get insulted, and to receive a quest.

How to complete the First Customer quest

The quest is relatively straightforward, though there are a few caveats:

  • When you first visit the Wasteland, all camps and waypoints aren't working. That's because you need to repair the Solar Tower. Make sure you complete that objective to make exploration easier.
  • The Junkyard is in the eastern portion of the Wasteland, and it's fairly close to the Forbidden Area.
  • Ensure the First Customer quest is being tracked and you scan the vicinity using your drone. Soon enough, you should be able to spot the quest items.

Upon obtaining all three items, return to Kasim to receive the following rewards: 700x Gold, 50x Polymer Material, and 15x Advanced Polymer Material.

Check the map (left) and scan your surroundings (right) to find the three items that Kasim needs.

Choosing a new hairstyle

With the quest done and over with, you should now be able to choose from 13 hairstyles. Most of these require the following materials just to unlock: Polymer Material, Advanced Polymer Material, and Extreme Polymer Material. Don't fret if you don't have a lot of these resources early in the campaign, as you're bound to amass a lot in due course. Moreover, you can purchase these from Kaya at the Sisters Junk shop by spending gold.

Changing to a new hairstyle costs resources, but switching to a different hair color is free of charge.
Changing to a new hairstyle costs resources, but switching to a different hair color is free of charge.

Note that you can also change the hair color, though only a select few are available depending on the hairstyle that you pick. The good news is that altering hair color (for the same hairstyle) doesn't cost anything.

In any case, this is how you change Eve's hairstyle in Stellar Blade. Since you're trying to yassify our heroine even further, we suggest obtaining all nano suits and outfits for her.

Stellar Blade has you facing off against vicious Naytiba, all while trying to figure out your origins. Action, thrills, and a bunch of collectibles/unlockables await. For more tips, you can visit our guides hub.

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