Steel Soldiers demo

EON Digital sends us the official North American demo for its upcoming 3D real-time strategy game.


EON Digital Entertainment has released a playable demo for its upcoming 3D real-time strategy game, Steel Soldiers. The game is the sequel to the 1996 real-time strategy game Z, and it is in development at Bitmap Brothers, the studio that created the original game. In the full game, players will assume control of a squad of robotic soldiers, and they will build bases and new units and engage in combat with enemy forces. Instead of mined resources, the game's resource management is based on territorial control. The game also features a flexible camera that lets players pan, zoom, and rotate the view quickly and easily. In addition, combat is based on line of sight, so enemy units are only visible if a friendly unit can "see" them.

To learn more about Steel Soldiers, download the 84MB demo linked below and read our previous coverage of the game. Steel Soldiers is scheduled for release this summer.

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