Steel Horizon storming PSP, DS

Konami unveils new naval strategy game for portables, will let battleships and aircraft carriers slug it out in wireless multiplayer.


Steel Horizon

As part of the salvo of news fired off during its 2006 Konami Gamers' Day event in San Francisco, Konami has unveiled a new naval strategy game for portables. Called Steel Horizon, the game will allow PSP and DS owners to engage in a mix of real-time or turn-based combat, and it will feature a whole harbor's worth of battleships, aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, and submarines. No rating, pricing, or release information was given.

The game is set during World War II and was "inspired by [the] pulp novels" of the 1940s, according to Konami. Much like the PC strategy game Silent Storm, its story will concern more than just the usual Axis-versus-Allies conflict, and it will feature a "mysterious organization" that manipulates world events by using "fantastic technology." However, Steel Horizon's combat will be of the purely acquatic variety.

Steel Horizon's single-player campaign will consist of 20 missions in various theaters of operation, and it casts players as the captain of a top secret US Navy ship tasked with taking out the Axis navies on the high seas. The game will also sport a multiplayer mode using the wireless functionalities of the DS and PSPs, although Konami did not specify whether either version of the game would support online play.

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