Steel Diver Hands-On

It's like looking into a fish tank but with torpedoes.


Steel Diver

Not only did Nintendo have an impressive lineup for the Wii and DS, but it also prepped a variety of demos that spanned across so many genres that it's starting to get hard to keep track of them. One of the games on display was Steel Diver, a submarine game where you have to carefully navigate your capsule to safety.

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You begin by choosing one of three submarines (small, medium, or large), which all control a bit differently. Regardless of which one you choose, moving one of these subs underwater is a cumbersome and slow process (such is the way of submarines), so it takes a bit of trial and error to gauge how quickly your sub can rise and fall. To move the submarine, you use two sliders on the touch screen, which control the speed and direction. One toggle is for forward and reverse, while the other adjusts your depth.

Your view is from the side, so you can see what obstacles are coming up ahead while you maneuver through the underwater passageways. Obviously steering into the ocean floor or wall will damage your sub, but there are missiles and torpedoes at your disposal to blast away rocks or ships that might get in the way.

Steel Diver was a simple but entertaining demo, and the highlight was the 3D visuals. You can see the depth of the ocean as you peer into oblivion and see the details of the sea floor as you pilot your submarine through the dark waters. We did encounter a school of fish at one point, but the missiles didn't do much against them. We'll update you on Steel Diver and all the other 3DS games as soon as more information is available. Stay tuned!

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