Steel Beasts ships, Steel Beasts 2 in the works

The tank simulation from eSim Games is on its way to stores thanks to Strategy First.


Although the game was released last September for online purchase only, eSim Games' acclaimed real-time tank simulation Steel Beasts is now on its way to retail stores nationwide thanks to a publishing agreement with Strategy First. Development of Steel Beasts 2 will begin soon at eSim Games, and the new game is expected to be complete by spring 2002.

In Steel Beasts, players assume the role of a commander or a gunner aboard one of two powerful battle tanks: the US M1A1 Abrams or the German Leopard 2A4. A complete multiplayer mode lets players undertake missions together or compete head-to-head against other players over a network.

Representatives from both companies were enthusiastic about the game shipping to stores. "We're very excited about this retail release," said Al Delaney, owner of eSim Games, "because we can finally reach all those tank sim fans who didn't know where to find Steel Beasts, or, perhaps, never even heard of Steel Beasts."

Strategy First was no less enthusiastic about the agreement. "We are extremely impressed with the feedback Steel Beasts has received from the press and the gaming community alike," said Steve Wall, VP of business development at Strategy First. "We are excited to be part of the effort in bringing this incredible title to the masses!"

For more information, take a look at our full review of the game.

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