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SteamWorld Creators Reveal New Action Platformer, The Gunk

Revealed at the Xbox Games Event, the latest for Image & Form lets you explore a mysterious planet using a large robotic arm.


From the creators of the SteamWorld franchise, including the popular action-adventure SteamWorld Dig titles, comes a brand-new adventure game. Revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase, The Gunk is a new action platformer set on a mysterious forgotten planet.

The Gunk lets you explore using a large robotic arm, which you can use to suck up moving black goo around the world and reform the landscape around you. It's not clear from the gameplay trailer to what extent you'll use this in platforming, but it's clear that you'll be sucking up a lot of that gunk.

The Gunk is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, and will launch exclusively on Microsoft's console first. It will also be part of Xbox Game Pass and support Smart Delivery.

The last SteamWorld entry was a departure from the Dig series, with Hand of Gilgamech using its steampunk heroes in a humorous medieval setting with deck building gameplay. This is the first time developer Image & Form has made a wholly new IP since the start of the SteamWorld saga with SteamWorld Tower Defense back in 2010.

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