Steam's PC Fall Sale Starts Today

The Exploration Sale lasts until December.


Steam launched its annual Fall sale today, this year touting nearly 200 sales on games. It's called The Exploration Sale, but that name doesn't seem to hold any bearing when it comes to what games are on offer.

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Exploration-focused games like ARK: Survival Evolved ($18), H1Z1 ($13), and the Fallout Franchise (up to 75% off) are discounted, but if you aren't one for discovery, you can pick up season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series ($6), Cities: Skylines ($15), and the Tom Clancy's franchise (up to 75% off) at a reduced price as well.

This is the first Steam sale that doesn't include rotating daily deals, which means what's on offer now may be all you'll see for the duration of the sale.

Whether new games get added or not, you'll have until 10 AM PST on December 1 to take advantage of the special prices. You can check out all those deals here.

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