Steam's New Event Isn't Trying To Sell You New Games For Once

With all the extra time you're spending inside, what about getting to some of those backlog games? Steam is here to help.


Counter to most of its other events, the latest one on Steam isn't trying to push you towards new gaming purchases. Instead, it's here to help you clear out some of the clutter, while highlighting two of its most recent additions.

The Spring Cleaning event introduces Dewey to your Steam client--a little librarian that is there to help suggest games in your library that you might want to finally tick off your backlog. You'll get access to challenges directly tied to games suggested, letting you work towards event-specific badges that you can display on your profile.

The event is also pushing two new features recently introduced to Steam. The first, Play Next, will randomly serve you a game in your library that approximately matches what you've recently been playing. The other is Remote Play Together, which has been available for some time. This network feature lets you play traditionally couch co-op games with friends over the internet, which is perfect during the COVID-19 lockdowns happening globally.

The Spring Cleaning event starts today and runs through May 28, ending at 10 AM PT. All you need to do to participate is log into your Steam account and get cracking on all those guilty sale purchases that have been gathering digital dust.

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I really hope we can permanently get rid of shelves and the What's New section ASAP. I don't need Steam telling me what I should be playing when I have games in a queue of my own for a reason. No I don't want to play Final Fantasy XIII-2 yet because I'm still in XIII.

Ugh. Just. Ugh.


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