Steam's Movie Catalog Expands With Hunger Games, Twilight, Saw, and Many More

Valve teams up with Lionsgate to bring dozens and dozens of movies to the gaming platform.


Half-Life developer Valve's PC store Steam has added a series of new movies from film company Lionsgate, including entries in the Hunger Games, Twilight, Saw, and Divergent franchises. The movies come to Steam as a result of a new partnership between Lionsgate and Valve that was announced today.

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There are 69 Lionsgate films available now on Steam to rent, starting at $4, while there will be more than 100 added to the program eventually. In addition to films from the big-name franchises mentioned above, the new movie Sicario and classics like Pulp Fiction, Requiem for a Dream , and The Blair Witch Project are also there.

You can see a list of all of the Lionsgate movies on Steam here.

Lionsgate executive Jim Packer said Steam, with its 125 million users, "represents a unique, exciting, and disruptive opportunity to expand our global distribution business."

For its part, Valve's Doug Lombardi said Lionsgate is an "important content supplier" because of its catalog of "blockbuster franchises and commercially exciting, star-driven event films."

Movies sold on Steam work with all supported platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, SteamOS, and even in virtual reality using SteamVR.

Steam is best known for gaming, but has relatively recently expanded into new markets, including film and non-gaming software. These Lionsgate movies aren't the first for Steam, as all of the Mad Max films are currently available on the platform, along with anime movies in the Naruto and Bleach series.

Steam isn't the only gaming store that offers movies, either, as also does.

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