Steam transaction history compromised

Valve confirms 2004-2008 purchase data copied by intruders; no evidence encrypted credit cards, billing info cracked.


Those caught up in last year's security breach to Steam and its forums still have no need to fear that their personally identifying information or credit card data has been compromised. Today, Valve head Gabe Newell issued an update on the situation, saying that the company and outside security experts have found no evidence that the hackers stole information from Steam's database.

Hackers can now see who among you have bad taste in games.
Hackers can now see who among you have bad taste in games.

However, Newell also confirmed that bandits had secured a copy of Steam transactions made between 2004 and 2008. This data included "user names, email addresses, encrypted billing addresses, and encrypted credit card information." However, it did not contain Steam passwords.

Newell went on to note that those conducting the investigation have found nothing to indicate that the intruders have cracked the encrypted credit card or billing address information. However, he did caution that it is a good idea for users to monitor their credit card activity.

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