Steam Summer Sale Start Date May Have Been Leaked

Your wallet might be about to get a whole lot lighter.


The Steam Summer sale may kick off on June 11, according to a listing on Russian social networking site.

The post featuring the dates was made on Valve's official VKontakte, which is the equivalent of a Facebook wall post, except with way more back-to-front Ns, upside down Ls, and letters that look like numbers.

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The post states the sale will start on June 11 and last until June 20. It will be followed by two days of encore sales, with the best discounts from the ten-day sale on offer once again.

It is unlikely the company will confirm if these dates are correct since Valve doesn't generally announce when its sales will begin, opting instead to just launch unexpectedly and then watch as the internet catches fire. In this respect, Valve could be described as the Beyonce of the video game world.

Of course, it is also possible that these dates are entirely incorrect. GameSpot has contacted Valve for a comment.

As a frame of reference, the summer sale in 2014 started on June 19 and on June 11 in 2013, so the dates for 2015's sale are roughly in the same period as the previous two years. With E3 starting in the middle of June, it makes sense that the sale would be slightly earlier this year.

Valve is one of the companies involved in the first-ever "PC Gaming Show" that will be held at E3 Tuesday on June 16 at 5 PM PDT. Valve and HTC's Vive is scheduled to launch later this year, so it is also likely the headset will also have a presence at E3 this year.

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