Steam Summer Sale 2016 Begins

It's time to buy a bunch of games you'll probably never play.


As reported previously, Steam's 2016 summer sale is officially underway.

Dubbed the Summer Picnic Sale, Steam is offering the usual slate of deals from now until July 4 at 10 AM PDT. At least as of yet, there doesn't appear to be any special game or other activity to take part in, as has been the case with previous sales. There are, however, free trading cards to be obtained by browsing your discovery queue. You can get up to three per day by doing so, with these cards only being available during the sale.

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It looks as if Valve is also sticking with what it's done recently by offering every deal upfront: There aren't rotating flash deals or anything of the sort. Instead, there are only deals that will be highlighted each day. Today's include the Arma franchise sale, Stardew Valley for $12, Darkest Dungeon for $15, This War of Mine for $5, and an Assassin's Creed franchise sale.

With the sale only having just gone live, Steam is predictably struggling under the load. While you're waiting, you can grab some Steam credit at a discount at Best Buy right now.

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