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Steam Sets New Concurrent User Record

14 million people were logged in at the same time today.


Valve's PC service Steam has set a new concurrent user record.

Kotaku noticed that for the first time in the service's history, more than 14.2 million people were logged in at the same today, January 7. Some of the US east coast is currently in the midst of a cold, winter storm, so maybe more people than usual are staying inside to play games.

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14.2 million concurrent users is up from 12.3 million in January 2016. By Valve's latest count, Steam had 125 million users, though this number is from February 2015, so the number is surely higher now.

Here is a ranking of the top 10 games on Steam right now by player count:

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Steam shares this information through its public Steam Stats page. Microsoft and Sony do not typically share the same kind of user concurrency information about Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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