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Steam Sale Starts Next Week, Paypal Confirms

It turns out the leaked Steam Sale start date was correct.


We're on the tail end of E3, and if you're feeling the itch to buy some games, next week might be a good time. Payment company Paypal has confirmed on Twitter that the annual Steam Summer Sale starts June 23.

This date matches up with the start date leak from last month. This continues Reddit user MrFreemanBBQ's accurate leak streak, as they've provided correct information like the start date for last year's Steam Autumn Sale (dubbed the Exploration Sale).

According to the leak, the sale starts 9:45 AM PT June 23 and runs until 10 AM PT July 4--just in time for Independence Day.

Last year's Summer Sale took place from June 11-21. Valve had set up a clicker game in addition to the sale, where players worked together to defeat monsters by clicking on them. This game could get you some Steam trading cards and unlock discounts for everyone. It's unknown if this year will offer a new twist.

We'll update you when the Steam Summer Sale goes live. You can also check back in during the sale to see what GameSpot thinks are some of the better discounts on offer.

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