Steam rolls out Psychonauts

PC version of Double Fine's lauded adventure game now available on Valve's digital download service.


Double Fine Production's Psychonauts was released in April 2005 to great acclaim. While critics appreciated its originality and humor, most gamers didn't--because most gamers didn't play the game. Psychonauts was one of the retail disappointments (Advent Rising was the other) that led Majesco to financially stumble and abandon its plans to delve into publishing AAA titles.

The game is getting a second shot at sales thanks to a new retail channel--Valve's Steam service. The PC version of Psychonauts is now available for digital download from Steam for $19.99.

Psychonauts may be the first Double Fine game on Steam, but it may not be the last. Tim Schafer, Psychonauts' designer, commissioned the game's art director, Scott Campbell, to create a special comic commemorating the new friendship between the two companies. In the four-panel cartoon, characters from Double Fine and Valve properties (including Raz from Psychonauts and Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series) exchange presents to celebrate their new digital partnership.

Psychonauts is rated T for Teen. For more information, read GameSpot's review.

$99.97 on Amazon
$59.99 on Walmart

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