Steam Reaches 8 Million Concurrent Users, Up from 7.6 Million Six Months Ago

Valve's digital hub reaches a new simultaneous user milestone.


Dota 2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Valve's digital gaming platform Steam continues to grow. Yesterday, June 29, at 11:44 a.m., a total of 8,020,700 people were logged into the service at the same time. That's a record for concurrent usage, up from 7.6 million six months ago. The surge in popularity recently likely had something to do with Steam's ongoing Summer Sale, which sees hefty markdowns on great games.

Currently, Steam has 5.5 million concurrent users. While Valve is known to openly share user data for Steam, platform holders like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are less forthcoming about concurrent player levels. This makes it tricky to make a direct comparison between Steam and console online networks like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo's online services.

The most popular game on Steam right now, based on the current player count, is free-to-play juggernaut Dota 2 with 566,568 people playing the game at present. Dota 2 is by far the top Steam game, as the second most popular game on the platform right now is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has 94,732 total players right now. Of course, Dota 2 is free and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a paid game.

In all, Steam has more than 75 million users. More Steam statistics are available on the Steam Stats page.

The annual Steam Summer Sale ends today, June 30. Check back later today to see what our "Pick of the Day" is. You can also check out this post for a roundup of all the games marked down during Steam's Summer Sale.

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Just like once it goes down, multiplayer games goes down

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Steam deserves this epic proportion!

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How about that! :D

I'm not surprised really, and more to come in the coming..

Console are starting to lose appeal, simply by the fact that you get the same overhyped games over and over again.

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Starting to lose appeal, yet we have one console hit 8 million in a matter of months.,,..

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@repetitiousv2 Wouldn't really call 8 months a matter of months. Almost a year.

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Lol anyone can join Steam. Not every member is paying and playing 8 hours a day, 7 days a week.

7 million of that are all casual and fly by night gamers who only play arcade and F2P or signed up and never returned. I did. can have 8 million users too, doesn't mean it's making money off all 8 mil. Way to cook the books Valve.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> But the Steam UI is such that many of us are permanently online, even though I dont use Steam for any games for a week.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Of course it is, why would you waste time launching it and logging in when you want to game when you can just leave it on in the background?

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I'd like to see that figure of 8,020,700 revised down to 8,020,699 because at that exact time, even though I had Steam loaded, I was doing a poo and so it shouldn't count.

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There's also more people on the planet.

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In comparison to Xbox Lives 55 million active subscriptions 8 million is nothing, and out of the 75 million accounts on steam 20 million of them will be accounts that haven't been used in years,

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Xbox Live is mandatory while Steam is just one of the options, albeit the more popular one.

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@jayjay444 I highly doubt 55 million people are actively logged in and playing a game concurrently.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Not logged in just subscribers, it will probably be around the same number as steam with people online at the same time.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Doesn't matter, Xbox is still a crap platform.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> In your opinion yes, in my opinion its far better than Playstation and much much better than PCs, the only thing my PC is used for when it comes to gaming is RTS games, that's it. My steam account has 114 games, 80% of them are RTS games, I have way more fun on my Xbox and PS than on PC and I frankly don't care what you think.

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@jayjay444 @orbit991 @Redblaze27 Because you don't know what you're talking about. Shh. Consoles have a better consistent platform than PC, even with Steam - unless it's SteamOS - because many games force you to use your mouse for a pointless splash screen before your controller will do anything - but PC is still better.

@drewdogg no, there aren't ads. There are ads for game sales or things available ON xbox live, not random ads.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> wtf? Ive never seen an advertisement on PSN ever.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> really,they doing ads on there services now i haven't heard anybody talking about this i'm glad i left.

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Wow. I always thought there was more steam user.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> there are: >75 million. This statistic is 8 million using the service at the same time

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Im hooked on competitive mode in CS:GO at the moment. Cant get off it. Its fcking addictive. So much more addictive than COD ever was.

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Boooo, off peak numbers, CS:GO was 150k.

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I like how people call PC master race/Consoles peasants while praising PC for having cheaper titles. Ironic.

Sorry folks, consoles are the master race according to the developers. That's why you see these virtual bargain bin sales for PCs because no one games on this shitty platform and the majority of people who do are pirates and using torrents.

PC master race? More like PC parasites.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The 25 games I bought on steam for about 200 dollars in the past 11 days would like a word with you. Die in a fire, twit.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> really your comment is really wrong. 1st the people you see saying “pc master race” are people that are not to clued up or trolling and certainly make a bad name for the pc community. Just like your comment makes console players look bad.

You then say “consoles are the master race according to the developers.” I’m sorry but you just made yourself as bad as the people you’re complaining about.

You also say pc is a shitty platform. Well sorry you’re wrong. Why? Because the fact you don’t like them as much as console don’t make them shitty. Pc’s and there demanding community drive the hardware market. It’s because of the pc’s you have the hardware to make a console. If I choose to I can make my hardware match a next gen console. Plug it up to a TV, plug in a controller and get a UI closer to like a console. If I choose to I can have 5 screens, extremely powerful hardware with a fully customisable UI. Or if I choose to it can be an extremely powerful video editor. The whole point is a pc is not a platform per se it’s a personal computer” more than just gamming and is gr8 for the freedom of customizability and choice. The down sides to this are, you have to spend some time making a pc the way you want it to run. And if you want to do a good job you have to do a lot of research and learning. Also because there is so much variation in hardware set ups and software it’s harder to strongly commercialise them solely for games. So the console was invented. Consoles are commercialisation at its best, its turn on easy to use fun. However what you can do is heavily controlled. They invent limits where there are none to make more money out of you. One example is you have to pay a fee for multiplayer when pc’s do it for free. They can get servers paid for in other ways that do not involve taken your money.

It really comes down to this. Pc and console wars are nothing but dum and pointless. Both consoles and pcs fill different markets and they both do extremely good jobs at what they do. We need to stop the pointless childish pc and console wars and focus on real problems that developers & publishers are bringing use and there are allot.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Console kiddies pirate too, while paying the full 60 dollar prize hurrr durrrr!!!!.

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Lol, pc has had drm for yonks which makes buying retail almost pointless, digital distribution should mean cheaper games, always.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> oh shut up. I game on both and see no reason to hate on one or the other. You're just as bad as the "master racers" with comments like this

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Spoken like a true filthy peasant.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> If youre right in saying the majority of PC users are just pirating games, then that means there are over 150 million PC gamers out there at least. Steam has 75 million users so in order for there to be a majority that number has to double at least.

Just think about what you are actually saying before spouting out all that nonsense.

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@omar_q youve got it all wrong. PC gamers secretly want everyone to have the best experience they can have :). PC gamers Looooooove gaming and want gamers to have the very best :).

When you hear PC the master race, its not rubbing it in your face, its trying to convince you that PC gaming IS better than console gaming. Its not a fanboy thing at all. PC gaming IS better than console gaming, by a long way (Despite having to tweak a few older games to get them to work, ive had no issue son Windows 8.1 with any games from 1990-2014). But of course, you have to pay some cash to get the rig that will run everything, thats the real issue of PC gaming.

Then after you pay all that cash of the initial build , you barely have to spend very much after that for the next 3-5 years on anything.

Also PC gaming is a hobby.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It is a fan boy thing.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> There are around 75 million people that disagree with you. Shitty platform? Right, I hate how I can play all my games at 1080p 60fps, and I feel terrible every time I buy a new release for a lot less than $60 and oh wait! There's more! I don't even have to pay to play online. You're right, PC is the worst platform ever. And those mods, argh, filthy.

Now excuse me, I have some more a-pirating and a-plundering to do.

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All hail Gabe Newell.

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I wish I owned Steam.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Valve and Steam are a private company and thought to be worth billions.

You cant even buy Steam stocks.

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Can you imagine Valve going EA after having a monopoly on digital games distribution? (after buying or crushing the competition or just economic causes) the thought is interesting.

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that's what im afraid of. Would never want to see Valve turn into another EA. I trust Gabe, but fear steam turning him into a corporate robot. If so Ill have to buy stock in Steam.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You can't buy stock in Steam, it's a private company whose shares are not for sale to prevent outside interests influencing Valve's decisions.

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@Jebril @djpetitte

did you not read my other posts, I've already said that twice in this thread. Look at the post above you. Posted many hours ago. Them going public was what I mean buy turning into corporate robots. At that point I would buy stock.