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Steam piping Codemasters

UK-based publisher joins growing lineup of publishers to offer their wares through Valve's online game-distribution service.


Today, Codemasters announced it would be adding several of its recent and future releases to Steam, Valve's online digital-download service for PCs. Effective immediately, Steam-powered gamers can purchase for download Clive Barker's Jericho, as well as the gremlin-commanding action adventure Overlord, and the off-road racer DiRT.

Codemasters also noted that the alternate-history shooter Turning Point: Fall of Liberty would be available on Steam on the same day it hits retails shelves in Q1 next year. Codemasters has several other PC projects in the pipe, including Operation Flashpoint 2 and Hei$t. However, as of press time, the UK-based publisher had not returned comments as to whether these would also appear on Valve's service.

Codemasters joins a growing stable of publishers who have hopped aboard Valve's online distribution service. Other publishers include similarly UK-based Eidos, as well as Take-Two, Activision, Capcom, and id Software. According to Valve, there are currently more than 13 million Steam accounts worldwide.

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