Steam-Only DLC for PC Game Causes GOG to Offer Refunds a Year After Launch

Armello's developer denies piracy had anything to do with the decision of not bringing DLC over to GOG.


Turn-based strategy game Armello's DLC is exclusive to Steam, so digital game store GOG is offering refunds to anyone who purchased the game through its website (via PCGamesN).

"Due to changes to the version of Armello and the fact that some online functionalities and future content for the game will not be available on, we want to make sure all prior owners have a choice," GOG wrote in its forums. "If you feel that the current version of Armello is not something you wished for back when you bought the game, please contact our support team for a refund."

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Armello developer League of Geeks didn't give a concrete reason as to why the DLC isn't coming to GOG, but co-founder Trent Kusters did say that "given infinite resources and time [it] could undertake the task of rewriting the underlying architecture at the core of this decision, but that's straight up not feasible for a vast number of reasons that are unique to LoG, Armello, where [the developer is] standing right now, and where [it sees] Armello's future."

Additionally, Kusters denied on the Steam forums that it had anything to do with the fact that all GOG games are DRM-free and subject to piracy.

"This decision has nothing to do with piracy," he said. "Piracy isn't a concern of ours. We've never considered it one and we don't see it being one in the future."

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He added that the developer will continue to provide technical and sales support for the GOG version of Armello. However, "as far as [he] can tell now," GOG will not receive paid DLC, and content support will end in 2017 regardless if it's paid or free.

Armello originally released last year on September 1. It received a score of 8/10 in GameSpot's review. Critic Janine Hawkins said, "Armello picks and chooses a variety of elements from board, card, 4X, and role-playing games without demanding either a familiarity with or a fondness for any genre. It also leaves a lot of room to engage as deeply as you want with the game's guts without feeling like you're floundering if you don't. Whether you're bumbling your way to the top or playing all your cards right, Armello makes regicide ridiculously entertaining."

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