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Steam Next Fest Demo Takes High Position On Most Played Charts

The first-person dungeon crawler Dark and Darker is currently on the service's top ten most played games.


One of the top games on Steam right now is not a fully released game at all, but a demo for a difficult, multiplayer dungeon crawler called Dark and Darker.

As noticed by PC Gamer, in a fun little write-up about playing the game itself, the demo has reached the heights of the Steam Charts. As of time-of-writing, Dark and Darker sits at number seven on the rankings, just below GTA5 and just above Team Fortress 2. The game is a first-person dungeon crawler, where you can team up with or fight other players while facing the dungeon's traps and perils.

As you might expect from an action RPG of this kind, you can pick a class, with the demo providing six options to choose from. You can enter the dungeon with a party of up to three friends, and mix-and-match your classes to offset each each other's weaknesses. You can also revive your allies. The game's Steam page pitches it as high-risk and high-reward. Upon death, you lose all the loot you have on you, but deeper layers of the dungeon and more powerful enemies will offer better riches.

The game also seems to take cues from Battle Royale games and feels a bit like Hunt: Showdown with a medieval fantasy setting. The longer you stay in the dungeon, the more territory "the death swarm" will occupy, which closes in a circle in a similar fashion to PUBG or Fortnite. If you pick it up, you can expect some bugs. The game is still in development and the demo is described as an "alpha playtest."

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