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Steam Lunar New Year Sale Is Live With PC Discounts And Bonuses

Pig out on some great deals.


Valve has begun its Lunar New Year sale on Steam, offering good deals on a range of PC games--including a spotlight on games from Chinese developers. The store is also offering a discount on any overall purchase, and tokens that can be traded for special rewards.

The deals include discounts on Far Cry 5 ($15), Nioh: Complete Edition ($25), Sniper Elite 4 ($12), and Life is Strange 2 ($4), among many others. Steam also made two special categories. The first, games by Chinese developers, includes Icey ($8) and Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord ($8). A separate local co-op category highlights Human Fall Flat ($7), Overcooked 2 ($19), and Helldivers ($10).

Steam is offering a $5 discount on your first purchase of $30 or more. It's also giving away a free "red envelope" with rewards inside, and you can get tokens for your purchases. You'll get 100 tokens for every $1 you spend, or 111 tokens for $1 in gifts for other users. Then you can trade those tokens in at the reward center for extra prizes.

Some rewards include an extra $5 discount (15,000 tokens), a golden profile (4,000 tokens), and various profile backgrounds (1,000 tokens). Plus you can pick up a bunch of pig-themed chat emoticons, all for 100 tokens apiece. There are only a dozen emotes, so spending just $12 is enough to get the whole set.

The sale ends on February 11 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM PT, so pig out on deals while you still can.

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