Steam Link Will Be Integrated into New Samsung TVs

Valve partners with Samsung to make PC gaming in the living room easier.


Steam Link, the device that allows PC games from Valve's Steam platform to be played TVs through a network connection, will be integrated into future Samsung TVs. The announcement was made during the Steam Dev Days conference and reported by Steam Spy on Twitter.

The integration effectively removes the need purchase a seperate piece of hardware and connect it to a TV using a HDMI cable. Naturally, you'll still need a PC powerful enough of to run the games you want to play, as well as a good internet connection to stream those games to the TV.

You'll also need a controller to play the games, such as Valve's own Steam Controller, which launched on November 10 and was priced at $49.99. It features the traditional four face buttons, as well as dual trackpads that are designed to emulate the precision of a mouse.

Neither Valve nor Samsung have said when TVs with Steam Link integration will be available.

During Steam Dev Days, Valve also revealed it is working on a new controller for the Vive virtual reality headset. Details on the new features it will introduced haven't been revealed yet, but images posted on Twitter indicate there could be better hand tracking.

Sony previously made a similar move by building its PlayStation Now game streaming service into its TVs and select Samsung smart TVs. Since then, PlayStation Now has become available on PC through browsers and supports the DualShock 4 controller.

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