Steam Link Video Shows How to Turn Any TV in Your House into a Gaming PC

Game on all TVs for in your home for $49.99.


Valve has released a short video showing off how its Steam Link device bridges the divide between your PC--where you've presumably been doing your gaming--and your television.

The video, which features the acting talents of the ever-versatile Team Fortress 2 cast, shows players taking their traditional desktop gaming experience and moving it into the living room, bathroom, laboratory, fridge, and home base.

Steam Link enables game streaming from Steam Machines, PCs, Macs, and Linux PCs within the same network. It supports 1080p gaming at 60Hz .The device will be available from November 10 for $49.99.

Launching alongside it and also priced at $49.99 is the Steam Controller, which features the traditional directional pads and four face buttons, but also includes a touch-sensitive pad that emulates mouse control.

Will the Steam Controller replace your keyboard and mouse? Find out in our video.

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