Steam Holiday Sale final day ends soon with encore prices on BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and more

If you were hoping to take advantage of Steam's discount prices or the holiday trading cards, you still have some time left.


BioShock Infinite
Dark Souls
Tomb Raider
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Today is the final day of the annual Steam Holiday Sale, marking your final chance to get discount prices on some of last year's biggest titles (at least until the Steam Summer Sale).

In what Valve is calling an encore sale of "the most popular deals from the Steam Holiday sale," you can find deep discounts like the following:

And the Snow Globe trading cards will expire soon as well. You have until 10AM PST, Thursday January 3 to craft any of the exclusive holiday items for the free-to-play games available through Steam's storefront before the cards expire

Did you take advantage of the Steam Holiday Sale (or any of the other post-Christmas deals floating around)? Tell us about your haul in the comments below!

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