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Steam Game Prices Might Have Just Gotten Much More Expensive, Depending On Where You Live

Games on Steam are about to get a lot more expensive for Turkish and Argentian players.


A recent update on Steam seems to have changed the recommended price point for different currencies, some of which have seen an increase of over 500%.

As shared by SteamDB, Steamworks documentation was updated on October 18, stating that Valve plans to refresh Steam's price suggestions more frequently, which the company officially announced yesterday (October 25). The effect is a potentially major price increase in some regions, including Turkey and Argentina.

The post noted that when developers price something at $19.99 USD, they might not know what it should be in Qatari riyals or Norwegian krone.

SteamDB shared the increase in the price differences for all the affected territories, with the biggest difference for the Turkish Lira being at the $17.99 price point. Where before Steam recommended to charge ₺28.00 at that price point, it now recommends ₺175.00 a dramatic increase of 525%.

Argentina is also seeing a huge increase across its various recommended price points too, its biggest increase being at the $29.99 price point, which sees the Argentine Peso cost going from ARS$ 329.99 to ARS$ 2100.00, an increase of 536%.

Other currencies are also seeing some differences, but most sit somewhere between a very marginal increase of 3% to a more notable 98%, but the Turkish Lira and the Argentine Peso both have increases of at least 400%.

Different regions can often have different pricings for games, which one indie publisher recently discovered after a number of players were switching their Nintendo eShop region to Argentina to preorder Let's Build a Zoor for only $1.50, much lower than the intended price point.

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