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Steam Deck Repair Centers Are Now Open

Users can send in their Steam Deck for free repairs during the warranty period.


As of September 12, 2022, Steam Deck owners can mail in their units to official repair centers. The center will perform repairs covered under warranty at no additional cost.

Here is how it works. Players with an issue can contact Steam Support, who will provide help and instructions for shipping the unit to the repair center. While at the repair center, a team will diagnose the problem, perform any needed repairs, and ship the fixed unit back.

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However, some issues, such as a pet chewing on a thumbstick or other mishaps, are not covered by the warranty. In that case, the team can still perform the needed repairs for a fee. If the repair team discovers an out-of-warranty repair while working on the device, they will contact the owner. They can then choose to have the team send the unit back without repairs. After the Steam Deck's warranty expires, one year after the date of the shipment, users can still send in your device for repairs for a fee.

Users always have had the right to repair their Steam Decks themselves, but Valve launched official guides and parts on iFixit back in May 2022. Though the Steam Deck was originally delayed due to component shortages, production was ramped up in June 2022.

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