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Steam Deck Now Lets You More Easily Customize Startup Movies

Valve has added the ability to customize your startup movies on Steam Deck.


Alongside news that the Steam Deck is now temporarily 10% off, Valve has also revealed that the handheld device will now make it easier to customize your startup movies.

Starting today, Valve has integrated a built-in option for adding your own startup movies to the Steam Deck as part of a free update. While the device previously included this feature, it was not available in an official capacity, requiring some extra effort to get your own startup movies to work. Now, it's much easier.

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As Valve explains, you can visit the Steam Points Shop to purchase different startup movies. Currently, there are 21 different options and each costs 3,000 points. To add a new startup movie, head to Settings, then Customization, and you'll see the different options, including a shuffle toggle. Valve also says any previous startup movies you've added will appear in a folder with the new update. Keep in mind, you can utilize the startup movies in Big Picture mode on desktop, too.

The Steam Deck first launched in February 2022, and serves as a handheld PC for running Valve's popular platform. It removes the need for a high-end PC, allowing you to take excellent games on the go with ease.

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